Artfully Made

These ultra comfortable and vibrant shoes are hand sewed by our seasoned shoe masters. Every stitch shows our love and respect to you and your feet. 


Art of the Shoe Last

The shoe last is the spirit of a shoe. It decides whether this pair of shoes will be comfortable or not. Our hand-crafted and hand-polished shoe last is engineered and formed based on the structure of the human foot to provide support and form a perfect bonding to the arch of the foot.



The Sturdiness of the Sole

The sole is important to support your body while you are standing, walking, or even running. Our sole structure is meticulously developed to support your body balance firmly and sturdy, yet very light weight. This makes standing and walking so easy that you won't feel tired after wearing these heels for the whole day.


.Elastic Fabric


The Specialty of the Upper fabric

Our soft and elastic upper fabric is engineered with chosen density and smooth texture that provides both tight fitting and comfort characteristics we envisioned. Each fabric is meticulously measured and labeled to accommodate different foot shapes including bunions.

In addition, the Special V-shaped design extends the leg line, making the legs longer and slender looking.